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cRIO imaging problem

I am trying to re-image a couple of older cRIOs (Model cRIO - FRC II)

The cRIO imaging tool does not seem to detect it.

"No CompactRIO devices found."

I see the Ethernet activity lights blinking.

The laptop is connected to the D-Link bridge, as is the cRIO.

I can ping the cRIO at

When I run Wireshark, I can see the cRIO transmitting data.

My laptop does a UDP broadcast, and the cRIO promptly replies to it.

I don't see any other network activity, and the imaging tool displays the error mentioned above.

The laptop wireless interface is disabled.  No other network interfaces.

Installed FRCUtilitiesUpdate_v2.

Can someone help?   TIA

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Can you see your cRIO in Measurement and Automation Explorer? If you're not familiar with this it is a program that is used to configure National Instruments hardware. It should appear in your start menu under All Programs >> National Instruments >> NI MAX. If you open this program it should show Remote Systems on the lefthand side. If you expand this section it should show your cRIO if it's properly connected. If it does not show here try looking through this KnowledgeBase.

Miles G.
National Instruments
Staff Applications Engineering Specialist
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Yes.  It shows up. 

I see the Software, but not the Devices.  Should I be seeing the Analog & Digital modules?

Unfortunately, the imaging tool still behaves as before.  What can I try next?

Note, I don't have the RSL Blinky light attached.

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When you look at the cRIO in MAX what does it show for its status and IP Address? What is the IP Address of your computer set to when you're trying to connect with it? Also what software do you see on the device?

Miles G.
National Instruments
Staff Applications Engineering Specialist
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Laptop IP address is, mask

cRIO Status is 'Connected - Running'

cRIO IP Address is

Pls see attached screen shot for software, it includes

     HTTP Client 10.0.0

     LabView RealTime 12.0

     Language Support for LV RT

     NI System Configuration 5.3.0

     NI Sys Config Remote Support 5.3.0

     NI Vision RT

     NI Web based Config & Monitoring

     NI RIO 12.0

     NI Serial RT 5.2.0

     NI Visa 5.2.0

     Rem0te Panel Server for Web Svcs

     System State Publisher    

     Var Legacy Protcol Supp 5.4.0





As mentioned, the cRIO is responding to MAX, but not to the cRIO Imaging Tool.
I emailed you a pcap file showing traffic between my laptop and the cRIO:
    packets  1 - 16:    cRIO powered on
    packets 17 - 18:    cRIO imaging tool started
            packet 17   The laptop broadcasts an UDP packet to port 44515
            packet 18:  cRIO responds quickly
  Then the Imaging Tools errors out with "No CompactRIO devices found:
  Windows Firewall is turned off.

packets 24 - 25:    rescan cRIO imaging tool
packets 28 - 29:    rescan cRIO imaging tool

packets 38 - end     MAX running
  There are several successful TCP connections made from the laptop to cRIO

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I can also FTP into the cRIO from the attached laptop !!!


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Hey Solopilot,

So I have a few recommendations for this issue:

1. Change the Gateway and DNS Server settings on the cRIO to instead of Then try the imaging tool.

2. Format the target in MAX by right clicking on the target and selecting "Format". Then select the option to "Attempt to restart into safe mode" and "Preserve the settings for all network adapters". After the reformat completes, try the imaging tool again.

3. The software wizard in MAX contains a lot of checks for communication. Expand the target in MAX, right-click on software, and select Add/Remove Software. Does the software wizrd initialize or does it throw a timeout error?


Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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