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cRIO Connection Issues

Our rookie team has finished our kit bot for the most part, but the wireless bridge will not connect to any of my devices. No matter what, it shows up as limited. The cRIO is imaged, wired it, and connected to the wireless bridge. What can I do to restore the connection and get this thing to move?

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I wanted to see how you have your network setup. If you would like to connect your robot and computer to a wireless router, then you will be using the bridge in Bridge Mode. If you would like to have your bridge host a network that you can connect to with your laptop, you will need so set it in Access Point Mode. You can switch between the modes by moving the switch on the back of the bridge to either Bridge mode or AP mode(2.4Ghz).

If you would like to use the accesspoint mode, then there is actually a configuration utility included in the FRC Update that you can use:

If you would like to manually configure, then I have found this graphic from theam 358 helpful:

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Trevor B.

FRC Support

National Instruments

Trevor B.
National Instruments
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