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Windows 8.1 Labview installation issues

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Hello pmlbird,

Does your computer usually ask you to run a system restore when you boot up, or this since installing the FRC Software package? Have you been able to successfully install the program to a different computer? Also, what operating system are you using?

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Thanks for responding sassyaspy,

I am using 64bit Windows 8.1. It never asks me to do a system restore, it is only occurring when I try installing LabVIEW. It doesn't actually ask me to do a system restore, but that is the only way to boot up my computer (after installing LabVIEW) , which uninstalls LabVIEW.



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Actually, I just figured it out. Once it gives me my recovery options (because it couldn't boot) if I try safe mode instead, and then shutdown or reboot from within safemode, it no longer has booting up problems.

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