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Windows 7 Activation Failure

Received new CTL Classmate as part of Rookie 4924 KOP. When powered up, it immediately said the Windows Activation was needed. Reimaged it to Intel E12 LabVIEW image and installed NI software and updates. even did the image fix update.

But under Start bubble, computer, Right click for properties, it shows less than a week of Windows activation left. Verified internet access, but attempts to activate online come back with error code 0x8007267C (more info says error is "No DNS servers configured for local system".


FRC has published an activation fix zip file and procedure file under

You may have to close the popup dialog box and go back in and mouse click inside the command prompt window to regain command prompt selection.


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Hi gto70ski,

It looks like this issue is being discussed over on the FIRST forums here. If you've been trying to install from your flash drive, you can try downloading instead.

I hope this helps!

Emily C
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National Instruments
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I went to the FIRST forum you linked and found their suggestion to go to the 2011 KOP website and get the windows 7 activation procedure.

I got the procedure but the link for the activation zip files has been removed. Only a holding line.



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