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When with the FRC 2017 software be available

Now that the website has been reformatted and is now grouped into a big forums pile where can teams find the FRC 2017 downloads and when will they be available?


Kickoff is next Saturday and we would like to start downloading the software and be ready when the pass code is released.

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Hey Mark,

One of our other mentors did a search for FRC in the downloads section of NI's website.

here is the link to the results

I will be downloading tonight.

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Is the statecharts Module available too, or only at kickoff?

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Hi MarkBalla,


As you noticed, a recent migration had some ill-timed side effects for the portion of our site. We're working on it and should have it back to what you are used to--with a clear landing page and links--soon, hopefully by kickoff. Thanks for the help R^2. 


For now, the landing page you're used to seeing is here:


Have a great season!

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The LabVIEW update box does not seem to be an active link.

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Ok, the Dwonload page is active and I have downloaded both and installed the LabVIEW portion already! Check it out:

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The update suite link on that page is still not working for me although the main LabVIEW link works. I have tried Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft edge.

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Hmm.. You are correct... I just realized I found the link here:


Under the second image is a "Downloading the update" section. 

I also just checked the zip I downloaded last night and it is password protected (as expected).

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Thanks for pointing that out, Jonathan Lindsey. We should have that fixed soon. 


Good teamwork, forum! 🙂

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Hey guys, 


Thanks for catching that! The link has been fixed, and everything downloads correctly (at least for me). You are also correct in saying that the update zip file is password protected until after Kickoff. Both downloads can be found at the following link: 

Thanks for bearing with us as we get the new site sorted out! 


Happy almost-kickoff, 

April R

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