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What is the difference between DVD and FRC Download?

trilogy2826 wrote:

Either way I think it should be bolded on the NI link and add:


This software is the first mandatory update for the LabVIEW portion of the FIRST Robotics Competition Software 2009. You MUST install this update in order to compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition. THIS MUST BE INSTALLED IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE FRC VERSION OF 8.5 THAT CAME ON THE DVD in the KOP, AND NOT ON THE PREVIOUSLY AVAILABLE VERSION 8.5.1 FROM THE NI FTP SITE!

FIRST has already updated their control system page to reflect this.

"LabVIEW FRC software update at NI to be used to update software from the FRC DVD provided in the new control system kit"

We will also be updating the download page on to reiterate this early this week.  The is only to be installed after installing the LabVIEW FRC Package DVD shipping with the KOP.



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