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Week 1 LabVIEW teams had camera issues


All the LabVIEW teams at the week 1 event in Del Mar had issues getting the video feed from their cameras. Our team played half the games without our cameras working. We never got both cameras to work.  From the comments in Chief Delphi, this is a global issue. All the LabVIEW teams in Israel are having this problem.

I have called NI FRC support multiple times and I was able to get my cameras to work during the build season, but once we connect to the field, we loose the video. During the build season we had issues because we were using 2 Microsoft cameras, so we switched to a Logitech, and we got the cameras to work most of the time, to make sure they worked 100% of the time we bought a forth camera, an ELP Fisheye and this one was very reliable at home, but once we got the competition it stopped working.

We need help, we have another event in two weeks. The non LabVIEW teams are not having this problem, and some teams had up to four cameras working with no issues.

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We had same issue at Mrytle Beach Palmetto Regional week1. I developed a work around. I uninstalled all LabVIEW from the computer. An IBM Lenovo by the way. Of course i had re-imaged the RIO and all that stuff with required by v14 before and it was not working. Ours got so bad it would not work even tethered. Default and custom dashboard would not get camera image.

Re-installed LabVIEW and the v14 update. (i had only updated to v14).

Built and downloaded the program again. Many files having to do with vision had to be saved - i assume they were the wrong level of LabVIEW.

Built and deployed our custom dashboard.

Here seems to be the trick: Power ON the robot, allow a minute or so then start your driver station software. DO NOT change any settings for the camera after you choose the camera else it will stop getting the camera image. We changed the settings for default in our custom dashboard.


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NI came up with a solution. Here is the link:


Robot Camera Images Not Appearing in FRC Dashboard


I guess nobody from NI is checking this forum. They posted this on Chief Delphi

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Thanks for posting the link, Nelshinio Robot Happy


Please let us know if you still have problems with the suggested steps. If you're at an event, feel free to ask your CSA, as they have also communication with us and FIRST.


All the best,

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Thanks so much for this information. Too bad i spent all weekend at the regional going crazy with 3 or 4 other teams trying to fix this. We were really at a disadvantage not having the camera work. We held our breath every start up and it was very slow/delayed when it did work. Logitech C930e running 640x480. best frame rate was 10 fps with 55% compression (when connected through field). Used the check camera connection and it only failed 4 modes 1.8% with the camera

Where on Chief delphi does stuff lie this get posted? i was checking there just did not see it. Are there other places to check as well?

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Hello The_ROG,


The link was posted in the FRC Blog, which is a competition's official channel. I also posted in a couple of ChiefDelphi forums to bring more visibility to anyone who was looking for it.


All the best,

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