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Upload LabView code to synthesis


I was trying out the synthesis software, as it has the FRC 2020 Field, and would be useful to make some tests, when I was watching the Synthesis tutorials, I was not able to find how to upload a LabView code, as it only had instructions for C++ and Java, I've tried looking for binary files in the Builds folder, but none of those files have worked, I hope you can help me.

Thank you.

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This might be a topic to post in the Synthesis forums.


In an older post, I read "Currently, we only support C++ and Java code interpretation, but we certainly plan to also support LabVIEW in the future. Do not expect code interpretation to work with advanced features, and there is currently no camera or sensor support. Also, we do not expect full compatibility with 2015 libraries due to the potentially large changes to WPILib’s network communications." but I don't know if they followed-up with the plan.


TBH, I've never used it but sounds interesting.



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