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USB Port Non Functiong


We have run into a problem this FRC season.  We have been building and testing for the 2018 FRC season using our practice robot chassis and control system.  We have recently tried to image our roborio from our competition robot from last season.  We can not get the roborio to accept the 2018 software via USB.  We are able to connect to the roborio via ethernet but are not able to via USB.


We have used the factory reset software provided by NI from a couple years ago when we had a roborio "stuck " and had to reflash it to factory settings.  We can now not reimage the roborio with the 2018 software.


We suspect a faulty USB port.  Any suggestions?

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Hello turbo1s1k,


I've seen this case a couple of times now and have provided some troubleshooting steps you can try, too: RoboRIO - No USB communication, but ethernet works & Roborio not connecting over USB.


I believe your best option right now is to call into the support line and check with our support fellows, so you can get an answer for what could be happening, as soon as possible.


Let us know your results!

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