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Trouble Installing Vision 2012

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I've spent the last couple of days trying to install the National Instruments 2013 FRC software, but the Vision 2012 portion keeps failing on me.  I get these errors sequentially:

(I'm installing it using only Driver_Station_Setup, but I consistently get the same errors using the full installer, so I'm making it more succint for my sanity.)

Confronted with this, I did uninstall all of the National Instruments software with appwiz.cpl, but the folder and all the software was still there afterward, so I ended up deleting the "National Instruments" folder from Program Files myself.  There should still be some traces of National Instruments stuff in the registry, but there are A LOT of them, and they're also intertwined with the 2013 installation files on my computer, so I haven't bothered messing with that because I'm unsure.

The errors still occur, and I don't see why the 2012 versions of these products should even be purported to exist in the first place because I got exactly the same errors installing it for the first time.  The rest of the software in the full install does install properly despite this.

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To clarify why it is trying to install Vision 2012 - the FRC 2013 version of LabVIEW is built using the 2012 version of all the components.  What it is trying to do is to install this years code.  Are you able to sucessfully run an image processing example on the cRIO? If so I don't think you need to worry about the errors.

Kevin Fort
Principal Software Engineer
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I do know that, but I don't know why a 1714 is occurring because I'm pretty sure those products aren't on my hard drive because it's what the installers are trying to install.

Vision is listed under "Not Installed" after installation. In the fourth picture if you click "Yes", it forsakes Vision and begins to install the other products (which do properly install/are listed under "Installed").  I don't know if I can image a cRIO, but the problem I noticed is that I don't have Vision 2012 nor Driver Station because it doesn't install anything Vision-related because of these errors.  I know it's not hidden anywhere because the driver station update doesn't work, saying it can't find the file it's meant to be updating or something similar.

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Can you try searching for Vision in the Start Menu? It is possible the vision program was saved elsewhere and the installer is still seeing it.

Sunaina K.
Product Marketing Manager for CompactRIO & TSN

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Accepted by topic author violaine

I ended up doing a factory reset, it's fine.

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