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Team 4301, Problem with Victor 884

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I have checked and rechecked my programing, and even had a walkthrough with a Ni programer, on my programing, that is all fine, but when i plugged in my my fisherprice motor up to the victor i would not stop running, we set all the constants to zero, so that the motor will stop, that did not work. The programmer guy said for me to reimage/rest my victor motor, i cannot find any steps on the net, can sone one please help me with this? or send any links.

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Accepted by topic author duckhead96

The calibration steps are listed in the user manual here:

I would also post your code so that we can make sure its not something there that is causing the issue.

Kevin Fort
Principal Software Engineer
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There is another link to the manual:

The main thing you want to do is hold down the "CAL" button while powering up the Victor. This will reset the calibration range.

It is likely that your team reset the range from 0 to 127 at some point and now "neutral" looks like full on.

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Thanks I'll try that as soon as I can

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