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Switching between kinect code and teleop code at competition

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Hi I am wondering if when at competition is there a waiting period to switch between code for the kinect and the regular joystick control. If there is a way to do this in code without deploying a different code can someone link it or explain how to do it in labview?

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Your code which uses the Kinect as a controller should be put into the Autonomous Independent VI. Your joystick code should be put into the Teleop VI. At competition which VI is being used to control the robot will switch based on input from the Field Control System. There is a pause between the two modes (mostly for scoring purposes) but you can't redeploy code or even touch your robot.  Post back if you have questions on this.

Kevin Fort
Principal Software Engineer
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hey thx kevin i think i get it but i wont beable to test my code till tommorow hopefully cuz im at home sick today ftc got me sick

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