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Switch between an Axis camera and a Microsoft USB camera

We're trying to use 2 cameras on our robot - an Axis IP camera for most uses and a Microsoft USB camera on a limited need basis. We want to be able to switch back and forth between the two camera, sending only the desired feed back to the drive station. The default feed to the driver station is from the Axis camera and only the feed from the Axis camera will have any vision processing done to it. We're doing this in LabVIEW.

We've encounted a few problems. More than likely we don't understand how the camera system code works!

(1) When we start the driver station and dashboard and then select the IP camera from the pulldown menu on the dashboard, the camera feed comes alive for the Axis camera. This happens even before we "enable" the robot. Who is instructing and managing the camera feed? Since the robot code hasn't started I'm assuming there's something under the hood doing the heavy lifting.

(2) In the sample code, there's a VI in the Camera pallette called "IP & Dash". We thought we understood what this does but maybe not! If we call this function more than once (either once per camera or twice for the same camera) our entire software hangs/crashes.

(3) At the end of the day, what we want to do is switch the dashboard camera feed from one camera to the other. But we're having trouble identifying the point in the sample code where the feed is sent to the dashboard. Given that our dashboard seems to receive a feed all on its own, we're confused at how to get direct control over the two feeds. What are we missing?

Any help and insight would be greatly appreciated,


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