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Serial Number for Installation of LABView 2018

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Yes, i have, actually i contact NI Brazil and they are working with NI US to solve my problem soon as possible.

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In past seasons, I've seen teams uninstall the prior season's software and install the new season.  When you do this, the activation dialogue will provide you with a SN.  This is the SN from the last time you activated (last season).  You need to replace that SN with the one that came in this season's Kit of Parts.


If you've done this, definitely give the NI FIRST support line a call to take a look.  If you haven't, this is the easiest way to resolve the issue many teams run into each season.  The number will change each year.

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Actually, my computer is a new one, i've downloaded Labview 2018 and the Update Suite and when they've asked for serial number, i put the one that cames from 2018 KoP DVD and haven't worked

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Hey team5430,


Please follow up with Phil Smith, as I've followed up with him by email. If you have further questions feel free to call us during the build season at 866-511-6285 1:00-7:00 PM CST Monday - Friday.


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National Instruments
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National Instruments
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We are having the same problem with Team 606.  I spoke with April a little while ago- she informed me that my 2018 installation disk may have an already expired S/N.  She is working to get a valid S/N to us.

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April at NI support provided a new S/N for my installation disk and the software activated successfully.

Good luck to you all and have a great season!

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For FRC robotics, you received a cardboard envelope in your kit of parts. On the front of the envelope it says "NI Software for FRC" with a yellow sticker "2018". Technically it is Labview 2017, but after you install LabView you need to download and install the New FRC Labview 2018 update. But the direct answer to your question is the serial number is located on the back of the envelope on the bar code sticker, and in the envelope on another piece of paper.

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Thanks for your reply Team5430.  We are aware of the S/N on the package and card.  However, when installing the software with the S/N as marked, Labvie would not activate.  After speaking with April it was determined that the S/N shipped with our disc was expired.  This may be the case with a limited number of discs shipped with kits.  The solution is to obtain a new S/N from National Instruments for activation.  We received the new S/N by email and our software is now fully activated.

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Glad to hear it. good luck this year

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como es el tramite

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