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Second Joystick Not Working

Ok, I set it up my vi's according to an example someone provided on Cheif Delphi (see teleop and begin block diagrams in the third picture). I'm trying to use 4 motors controlled by Talon SRX's (CAN) with two joysticks in tank drive. I'm getting an  error with the registry get icon (first picture). But the real issue is that both joystick get values are reading the same joystick (see indicators on the Teleop Front Panel in the second picture)... It really doesn't make any sense to me. Another weird thing is that when I reorder the joysticks on the driver station, the other joystick works, but the one that was working before no longer works. 

Thanks for the help.

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last year my team did the same thing with talon srx can bus but on my begin vi i choose talon srx can, not exiting motors. are your can bus ID's 13, 11, 0, 9? later today i will post a screeshot of what i did. on teleop are you using axis 0 for both joysticks?

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On the Driverstation does it show each joystick and are they reading correctly? Check the USB Devices then on the dashboard, does the return values from the roboRIO look correct?

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