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Running LV851. Where are the FRC add-ons?


I don't have the LV/FRC DVDs... so I downloaded and installed it.  When I start LV I don't see any FRC add-ons like Vision support, cRIO support, etc.  Is there a download for this on top of  I did try installing the FRCLabViewUpdate1.0, but found out the hard way that this is intended only to be installed on top of the LV DVD install.

Can anyone shed some light on this?  Or do I need to get my hands on the DVDs?



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The only way to get this software is by installing the LabVIEW FRC package shipping with the KOP.

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How do I get to the WPI libraries without going to the ready-built FRC robot VIs?

When I open up a Blank VI I don't see the FRC specific controls/WPI Library in the controls lists. I tried searching for WPI but got no usable info.

I can get the WPI and FRC controls once I open up the FRC robot templates but would like to access them from the standard Blank VI area also.


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I believe the reason you cannot view the WPI Robotics library is because you are looking at the Controls Palette on the Front Panel.  This is expected.  The only way to get to the VIs is by opening the Functions Palette on the Block Diagram.

You should be able to access the WPI Robotics and FIRST Vision VIs on the block diagram even if the VI is not included in a LabVIEW project.  I have attached some images to help demonstrate this.

ScreenShot001.png show where the WPI and FIRST vision palettes are located whenever you right-click on the block diagram.

If these are not listed for some reason you can show the WPI Robotics and FIRST vision palettes by right clicking on the block diagram to open the Function palette and clicking the tack to hold the palette open.  You can then click on View » Change Visible Categories... This is shown in ScreenShot002.png.

ScreenShot003.png shows how you can scroll down in the Visible Categories window.  Make sure FIRST Vision and WPI Robotics are checked.

Please let me know if this is helpful.


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Thanks. That was it - I was trying to see them from the Panel! I can now see them in the Block Diagram view.


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