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Running Arcade Project With Encoder in Simulation Mode


I am trying to test some new code by running in simulation mode. I created a project using the Arcade robot wizard an then added the encoder code from the encoder example from the support tab. Everything is fine until I run the code and then I get an error

Error -63195 occurred at Read/Write Control in>>

Possible reason(s):

NI-RIO:  (Hex 0xFFFF0925) The handle for device communication is invalid or has been closed. Restart the application.

Based on the error message and stepping over each control, the error occurs when the Read/Write Control block in the tries to access the FRC FPGA Ref Global which is all zero's.

Per the simulation instructions for the Arcade model, I set the encode input A to DIO 3 and B to DIO 4.

When I run the project without the encoder logic then it runs fine.

Any suggestions anybody?



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