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Roborio Loss of the 5VDC AI and DI Buss

We were trying to connect the gyro to the roborio and after making sure the code worked we discovered the AI pins no longer produced a 5VDC singnal on the middle pin instead we read .2vdc  We also checked the DI pins and the SPI 5V pins all of them no longer produce the expected 5VDC.  The PWMs are working and it communicates and Drives as expected.  The other Roborio we have produces the 5V as expected so we are sure is is a problem with this unit.  We are looking for recommendations on how to trouble shoot and hopefully fix this issue. Are there any messages from the roborio that would indicated if internal voltage are lost.  In the passed this was a red flag for metal chips in the circuit board. If this is the case and we are able to remove them is it likely the protection circuitry will make it all work again?  Any resources or links would be appreciated.  Mark

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The power LED will go red when there is a short to one of the supplies.

Also, the power tab on the driver station will tell you which rail is causing the fault.

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Yes, this sounds like either a short or a voltage regulator failure.  We have seen this issue at least once before and for that issue, we ended up processing it as a repair or RMA.  If you continue to experience these errors, please call in to our support at 866-511-6285.

-Jim B
Applications Engineer, National Instruments
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