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RoboRio Update Woes: Can't get working robot code

Hello there! My team tried to reimage our RoboRio a few days ago with the latest version, and ever since then we haven't been able to get working robot code on it, and we're a bit low on ideas as to how to fix it. 


Some other symptoms of our plight:

When you plug into the roborio via USB, you won't get comms on the Driver Station, but the roborio imaging tool will be able to find the roborio. Any idea why this is?


When we first tried to deploy (using the VS IDE), our code built successfully but we ran into this error: 


"Unable to load ZIP library: /usr/local/frc/JRE/lib/

Error occurred during initialization of VM"


Eventually, we tried several things (like deploying while connected to wifi), and this error went away, with VS telling us we built successfully, but we still don't have working robot code, and the WPILib Version on the Driver Station (the one abbreviated as Lib in the diagnostics tab) is blank. 


We tried reimaging the roborio several times and reinstalled the latest version of the update suite. We've also tried deploying from different computers, but we get the same results. Not sure how to proceed from here, any help would be much appreciated. 

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Hey there!


Just for starters, can you run me through how your roboRIO's indicator lights are looking? I just want to verify that everything is working there before diving into the code.


Also, which programming language are you using? Is the code you are trying to upload some kind of example, or have you done development on it?


Claire C.
AppSW Staff Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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Power is green, Comms are red, RSL is orange, everything else is dark. We're using Java, trying to deploy code that we've developed but used successfully on the previous version of the Roborio. 


By the way, between the time of this post and this reply, my team decided to see if another Roborio would work, so we reimaged that and now the VS code is telling us we can't find the roborio, which was not as issue before. 

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Can you try to create a new project from a template using these steps and deploying this?


Creating a robot program


And did you see any errors when you were doing your install of VS from the WPI installer?




Claire C.
AppSW Staff Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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Surprisingly that did deploy successfully (after a few fails -- something to do with a gradlerio plugin not being found) and gives us the green robot code indicator. Feel kinda foolish but thanks a bunch! We'll try modifying it and see if it still works. The old stuff still says it can't find the roborio when it deploys. 


Hmm to the best of our memory, no, we didn't run into any errors while downloading VS.

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