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Relay Clicking

When we run, we have some spike relays that [seemingly] randomly click on and off. The relays are controlling some fans. We programmed the fans to go "on" and don't turn them off. I made a version of the robot code with all the processing taken out (all timed tasks and vision processing) and they still clicked on and off. I'm thinking it might be a watchdog problem, but are there watchdogs in the relays? How can we get it to just run continious?


"Lockheed" Joe
Testing Blog"
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Hey Joe,

If its a watchdog issue you should be getting updated values for the watchdog counts on the Diagnostics page (something like User: 3 System: 1).  The relays would turn off if you are having watchdog issues. If you don't see any watchdog errors but are still seeing issues post your project and we can take a look at it.

Kevin Fort
Principal Software Engineer
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