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Register Vision Assistant 8.6?

Original post by: ARSHACKER

I tried to activate vision assistant 8.6, which is part of the software
on the DVDs in the early shipment. I used the activiation number which
came with the DVD, which worked for the LabVIEW 8.5.1 on the DVDs.

It did not work for vision assistant 8.6.

Does anyone have information about how you would register the Vision Assistant with NI?

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How do you know it did not work?

Did you get an error message? Is so what did it say?

Are you looking in the NI License manager and still seeing White Boxes, instead of yellow?

I too entered the serial number for activating when installing.

Looking in License Manager, mine were still white until I right clicked on them and chose Activate,  then it said it was doing the second stage of the activation and they turned yellow.

If you had installed the NON-FRC version of 8.5.1, and then installed the FRC 8.5.1 make sure you are Activating the FRC versions and not the standard versions.

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I know it did not work because when I run the Vision Assistant I get the dialog box telling me that I have 30 days to register the product. I have not tried activation through the internet yet as I do not have the CD Key in my hands, but I will try the internet activation once I get that key.

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I figured it out. Instead of clicking "Activate" on the Vision Assistant dialog box, I opened the License Manager and activated the Vision Assistant from there. Worked like a charm!

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Hi Tim,

Thanks for posting back and letting everybody know how you resolved this problem.

A quick note for everyone: For installation problems in general the NI License Manager is the place to go for troubleshooting. If installation problems cannot be resolved from there, posting a screenshot of the License Manager and a full description of the error will prove very helpful in letting others know exactly what is going on.

License Manager.PNG

Glad you got this one resolved!


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