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Raspberry Pi

We are attempting to use a Raspberry Pi 3 to help our vision processing. We have used the documentation to set up the raspberry pi and the camera works with the RP connected to the computer. Is there anything we need to add to our Labview program to make it work? When we connected the RP to the roborio and opened our driver station, there were no camera inputs to select?

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The Raspberry Pi does not require special code to be added to the roboRIO to stream the camera images back to the Dashboard.


Ensure you're following all the steps in: Vision with Raspberry Pi 


If you have further problems, please detail your setup better. Which camera are you using? When you say you see the camera in the computer, are you referring to the RP's network connection?


We might want to move this thread to ChiefDelphi to ensure we have people more familiar with the WPI's implementation on the RPi get their eyes on this.



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