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Proportional Drive

In my club, 4051, my mentor is pushing us to try and design a proportional drive system. Basically, the proportional drive makes it so that the motors build up to full power and build down to zero or a negative number. However, what we've designed hasn't been working. If anyone has any suggestions for us, or has a working code, we would love the help!

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Be sure to take a look at the [FRC 2014] PID Tutorial found with other Training Material and Resources here.

As far as working code, a good one place to start is with a working example.  I would recommend going to the NI Example Finder (in LabVIEW go to Help>>>Find Examples...), search for PID and take a look at "General Auto PID".  This and others should lead you in the right direction.

Note also that in LabVIEW FRC, only a subset of the PID VI's from the PID and Fuzzy Logic Tookit are available.

Ryan C.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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here are a few videos that I found helpful.

The hardware they are using is different but hopefully the concepts will help you get started.


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