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Problems loading a customized dashboard with the driver station

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I have been customizing our teams driverstation with a few indicators and placed camera tracking within the program. Everything within the program is working properly in the VI when run in the project or run without the driverstation, but when I load he dashboard with the driverstation I start getting error messages. The message that I get is LVODE.dll can not be found but when I say I will find it I am taken to the directory the file is in. I select the file it is looking for and then everything works fine. Is there a reason why the driverstation can not find the dll files when it is looking in the proper directory. I have never had this problem before any it didn't start happening until I added camera tracking to the program. I have tried to build a new dashboard project and it did the same thing or working until I placed camera tracking onto the VI. Anybody know a fix for this? Thank you

Kaelan Strones

CocoNuts robotics team 2486

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Hi Kaelan,

Where does LabVIEW point you when selecting the file? I did a quick search on my install base and found LVODE.dll in C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2012\resource

I would suggest that you move LVODE.dll in this specific folder to see if this corrects the behavior.

- Aldo

Aldo A
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Accepted by lonski

We had a similar problem. Even after pointing to the right place, it still took a really long time to load all of simulation components and build. We aren't using the simulation, so we created a new version of the camera open that deleted all of the simulation stuff. This decreased load and build times signifcantly (from minutes to seconds).

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