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Posting pictures and video of executing code.... made simple


Sharing vi code is usually a difficult way of simply showing your code being executed.

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you all check out

It is a FREE utility that allows you to take screenshot AND recorded video of your screen

Uploads it to a free share and then gives you the link to the share .... to share with others in your posts without any uploading

see link for example

It truly makes communicating via online communities a breeze and since it's free, it's a no brainer.

Enjoy the tool


Norm Kirchner

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That looks like a very useful program. Thanks for sharing Norm!


Jennifer Rutledge
Applications Engineer

Jennifer R.
National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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Very cool!

We've been using CamStudio here. It's open source. But it doesn't "sharing" built right in the way Jing does.

I think this could be an exellent tool for the First Community.

Patrick Allen:
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