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Possible to set maximum motor speed using Arcade Drive?

We are not using an encoder. Only using joystick with motor control in arcade drive, which does what we want. Is it possible to set a maximum speed? Scaling the joysticks only seems to change the scaling of the joystick output and not the maximum values allowed, which would slow the motor down at full throttle.

Thanks for any help or advice.

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I think that the easiest thing to do would be to always multiply the speed by a scaling factor immediately before passing it to the Motor Control Set Output.  For example, if you want to set the maximum speed to 60%, just multiply by 0.60.  This way, full throttle on the joystick would only be able to yield a 0.60 maximum to the Motor Control Set Output.

Ryan C.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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but how can I slow down the arcade drive, since your example is for an individual engine



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Please continue the conversation in the topic you just created: slow down the arcade drive  



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