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Pneumatic Pistons have irregular delay while going in one direction not the other.

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We have a two speed transmission that is switched with two pneumatic pistons controlled with a double solenoid connected to two buttons on the joystick while switching it into low gear (reverse) it is instant but while switching it into high gear (foward) their is an irregular delay. The delay could be holding the button for 1-5 seconds, pressing the button multiple times, or it could be instant as well. The solenoid light on the module for the foward position is also a very weak green light while all the others is a strong light. If you could look at my labview teleoperated and explain why it might be happening that would be great!

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It looks like you have the same reference being written to twice. If you split the refernces for each do line and then set them individually that would probably work out better.double ref.PNG

Kyle Hartley
Senior Embedded Software Engineer

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We got it working we changed the double solenoid to two singles and made two different refrences to the different speeds, thank you.

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