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PSoC - Wrong Hex File

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I've tried asking this at the Cypress Forums, but did not get any response, they indicate NI wrote the firmware for the Cypress PSoC.  We have been unable to use the chip because it did not come with the correct firmware.  This is what I posted at Cypress.

Trying to program the PSoC with the supplied Hex file and it is giving me the error.  "The hex file was built for silicon revision ES3, but the aquired version is **."

How do I fix this, I am using the only hex file that was supplied which was FRC_IO_2012.v3.hex.  My PSoC is from the Cy8ckit-033a Rev**

Any help would be appreciated.


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In the 2013 Software Notes there is a known issue posted about the hex file for older versions missing as well as a link to the missing file.

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