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NI LabVIEW & Driver Station won't communicate with cRIO


We are trying to send the Robot to the cRIO to test if the robot will move forward.

For some reason, the robot is not working and we are being told that the wiring and mechanical things are done correctly.

Also, the code works in the simulator. We also made a VI that moves the robot in basic terms. This also works in the simulator. We are using Victor motors and have set them up correctly in the VIs.

Please help.

P.S. We are a rookie team.

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MOVING WITH JOYSTICK is a self-contained vi that should be run by itself, not with Robot Main or any other code.

To run it use the Run button on the top left of the MOVING window.

After it begins running, you will have to also run the Driver Station to Enable the robot before your motors will respond.

Normally, it's better to start with the default code which already does what you are attempting to do in MOVING WITH JOYSTICK.

Robot Main is from the default program and can be used to run the default code.

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The first step I would take would be to deploy just the Robot to your cRIO. By default Robot Main allows you to drive your robot around. Since you know the code works, this will double check your hardware setup. To add onto what Mark said above, make sure you have configured your Driver Station with correct IP address and also click TeleOp and enable. Also, in driver station check the LED's to make sure the Robot is connected.

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Product Marketing Manager for CompactRIO & TSN

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