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My roborRio says that I do not have any software installed on it after I imaged it.

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I tried to run a robot code on my roboRio, but it said that the version of labview that is running on my pc is not the same as the target and so I imaged it. After I did it the status light started blinks twice and it will not connect on my driver station.

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Accepted by topic author NemoL

Hello NemoL,


Did you see any errors while reimaging the roboRIO? I would try the following:


  1. Ensure you have the FRC 2020 Game Tools installed.
  2. Run the roboRIO imaging tool again with your roboRIO. Take a note of any errors that come up (if any).
  3. Ensure the STATUS light in the roboRIO is OFF. If it's blinking three times it is in safe more, two times means you still have to re-image it, and continuously might require you calling support.
  4. Open LabVIEW 2019 (ensure it is the 2019 version - this is the one used for FRC 2020).
  5. Create a new robot project
  6. Open Robot and hit the Run arrow


I recommend you also check out the steps in: FRC Firmware Update Failing 


Good luck with Infinite Recharge!

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