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Malfunctioning Roborio

Hey there,

I have here a Roborio (S/N:3060F57) that is not working. No light would turn on when connected to a power source.
I read here  that this forum is the right place to post about this issue, and you might be able to help me debug / set up a RMA. (funnily enough, that post was made by team #4592 mentor..)


Thank you!
Shachar Liberman

Team #4590 Mentor

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Hey  lshachar,


If you could call 866-511-6285 which is our support number, we should be able to to help you further with roboRIO functionality questions (e.g. unrecoverable, RMA, etc.) any time. Past that help with more in-depth troubleshooting is available during the during the build season.



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National Instruments
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National Instruments
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