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Loop Tunnel: Wire connected to an undirected tunnel

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We are trying to get pneumatics working, and have coded our Begin and Teleop per these instructions:

 However, we have a broken wire in Robot Main.  Attached is the error and our block diagrams in Begin.



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Did you delete the Error Out indicator/terminal in

2019-01-23 17_28_40-Clipboard.png



The error indicates that the wire is not being written anywhere (as an output) OR that there are more than one output terminals wired to it.

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I don't have it connected up there, but I do have an error out in my Begin Front Pannel, how do I repair it?

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Accepted by topic author Mr_Colors
  1. Click on the bottom right input of the terminal (top left of the window)
  2. Click on the Error Out indicator


More information here: Assigning Terminals to Controls and Indicators

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