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Is there a sample C++ Vision program this year?

It appears that there's a LabView example, so I was wondering if there was (or will be) a C++ and/or Java version that recognizes this year's targets.

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Hi cbf,

We typically do not write C++/Java examples.  If we do write an example, it would be in LabVIEW.  However, posting to Chief Delphi is likely your best bet.  Also, referring to a C++ example from last year would be beneficial.  Here is a link to one on the FIRST page:

Vision Processing 2014


John R

John R.
National Instruments
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Yes, I have that doc, and those samples. But the 2014 target was quite a different shape and recognition code seemed to be primarily for "hot goal" detection -- and not targetting.

Better would be 2012 example -- the rectangle above each basket.

However, we're working through it well enough at this point. It'd just be good to see if we're calculating the trapezoid correctly before we start our field experiments (probably a week or more away -- waiting for the robot to be built!).


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