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How to use Vision to see Reflective tape

Hi I was wondering how to use the Vision to see the Reflective tape.I want my program to see the tape then align the robot up with tower. Just wondering what Vision Vi's to use and how to wire them up? I've never used the vison before.


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Hi RoboticsRocks,

I'd suggest taking a look at the PDF attachment on the following tutorial for image processing.

It goes into great detail on how to create a script for image processing and then turning that into VIs for implementation in your robot's code. Give this a look over and post back if you have any pointed questions on implementation or if you run into any issues.

Paul C
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Hi Cooking_Up_Code,

Thanks for information.

I took a look at it and I understand alot more but im still stuck on which Processing Functions I should used for Retroeflection. Could you provide a pictured of how you would do it?

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What I would do is take a picture of the reflective tape that you are trying to recognize so you can import that image into the Vision Assistant. You can then use the Color Location step as described on page 4 of the tutorial on the reflective color.

From this script you then go to Tools » Create LabVIEW VI which will take care of all of the VIs for you. Vision Assistant will create subVIs that will implement your script. At this point you will have the functionality you described in the Vision Assistant in LabVIEW and can treat it like any other set of VIs.

Paul C
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