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How do you load a program to the robot?


I have been able to:

(1) Go through the Benchtop test.

(2) Install new firmware.

(3) Repeat the Benchtop test.

(4) Open the FRC cRIO Robot Project and have it send the program to the cRIO and then test it.  This included changing the Input to the Autonomous code and test this.

Now, my problem is that the FRC cRIO Robot Project does NOT remain in the cRIO.

That is, I turn off everything and put it back like it was for the Benchtop test and nothing happens when I turn everything back on.

I have run several of the sample programs on the cRIO but none stay there.  Or, so it seems.

What do I have to do to download a program to the robot?


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In the "Using the FRC Framework" document, see the section entitled "Building and deploying a stand-alone application".

You might be interested in the discussion in the following thread on the FIRST forums:

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Yeah, you have to deploy it as a stand-alone application as stated above. The reason for this is you can come up with a "stable" version of the code that you normally run. So then when you run "experimental code", it keeps the old code saved so that when you reboot, it goes back to the old code.

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