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How do you learn more advanced algorithems for your robot?

I'm a new proggramer in LabVIEW and I know how to learn the basic things for my robot via the LabVIEW Examples and this website.

Is there a way to learn new algorithems for my robot?

More complex things

Thx for helping

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What kinds of things do you want your robot to do?

Vision processing?

PID Control?

Controlling your shooter motor?

There are a bunch of good tutorials for these things linked off of:

Kevin Fort
Principal Software Engineer
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If it is Vision Processing, I would strongly suggest using RoboRealm, which comes in the KoP for this year.

It has a very efficient and simple tutorial for anything from Targetting to Distance Calculating.

Here is their website:

Just click on the FIRST 2013 Competition section of the page, and it will take you to a list of tutorials for Vision Processing alone.

It also explains how to integrate your processed image into your SmartDashboard project.

Check them out.

FYI: My Team used Roborealm for vision processing with the Kinect, but you may want to think about having a computer ONBOARD so that your cRIO isn't taking all that time processing as it will most definitely cause lag with your communications.

Hope this helps!

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