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Future viability of old cRIO units in FIRST Robotics


I was wondering what happen to our old cRIO units once the new RoboRIO comes out for the 2015 build season

Will we still be able to use out previous cRIOs as training units or will the software for the new cRIO render our old units unuseable

Thank you for any information anyone may have


Team 2386

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Hi Dan,

I can't give you an absolute answer that old cRIOs will work - it's not completely my decision to make.  But I can tell you this: I am a developer on the FRC team, and our 2015 software design is to still support cRIOs.  The FRC 2015 software is currently in alpha testing, and cRIOs still work with LabVIEW.

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Thank you for the information in regards to the old cRIOs

I am looking forward to the new RoboRIO as well

Dan McGuire

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