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Failed to connect to Target. Please Help.

This year we decided to use LabView instead of Java, which is what we've been using for the past two years. After imaging the cRIO with the correct software, we tried to put some basic driving code onto the cRIO. Everytime we try to put code on we receive the message that LabView failed to connect to Target. I've searched all across online and found that others a few years back had similar problems. I've tried all the solutions that are available, but it still will not work. I've tried reimaging the crio in safe mode and regular mode. I've checked to make sure my computer is connected to the cRIO by pinging it and receive a connection. I made sure that the computer IP was setup correctly as well as the Target IP. I've tried the connection with and without a crossover cable. I've also made sure that my firewall was disabled and wireless network was disabled. Any assistance would be helpful to allow the team to progress.

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Did you set the target IP address in the project settings?

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The target IP was already set to the correct ip address of and I also tried to do just to see if that would make a difference

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Alright got it all figured out. Had press the reset button and reimage the cRIO from the beginning.

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