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FTC robot still lagging after update

We've been working on our robot for the past several weeks and we are about done with construction and programming. We are having a slight problem with our controls. Everything we tell the robot to do in teleop is delayed by about 1/2 a second. The arm is toned down enough that it's not that big of a deal, but the delay is making driving the base VERY difficult. We installed both updates from the NI site. I double checked the installation process and everything was done correctly. We are going to try a work around the problem by setting up a deadzone on the control sticks, but that does not solve the underlying issue. Several other teams are reporting the same issue. Is there a systemic problem or are we doing something wrong?

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Sorry, just notice you said FTC, this is for FRC.

The lag is a known problem the is being worked on.

See this thread on the beta forum:

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Have you installed the most recent update?  We put one up on about the 18th of November or so.  I know you said you installed both updates, but we haven't been adding more - we've just been "updating the update" for the motors to avoid confusion.  If you updated before that, try the newest version and see if it helps.

Otherwise, I'd have to take a look at your code.  You can email it to me at

Ramsey Nasir
Senior Software Engineer, InsightCM R&D
National Instruments
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We updated on Nov. 29th. According to your information, we have the most current update. We have mitigated the problem by putting a deadband (+/- 10) on the sticks. The lag is still there, however. I'll send you the code as soon as i can get it off the school computer. We have been lax in out comments so i'm going to have my students put some in to help with navigation.

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