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FRC Vision Tracking

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I was looking at the FRC examples and found 2017 Vision Example, I ran it and seen that it was using color threshold to find the target after messing with vision assistant but not for sure how it was able to measure the distance. could someone explain in great detail how it works and how I could implement in to the robot project code. our team is wanting to use it to detect and make correction when we go to score feul in the boiler any help will be greatly appreciated.


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I looked into this, and it appears that the distance portion of the code was written for an earlier year, as it tries to detect a different set of stripes (for placing gears on the peg). When I edited it on my 64-bit laptop to adapt it for this season, certain low-level VIs appear grayed out and disabled. When I made the exact same edits on my 32-bit home desktop, this did not happen. Here are some screenshots of Cull and and Rectangle that show the grayed-out VIs. Hopefully this helps, and hopefully I can get some help too.

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what exactly do you need help with? I might be able to help I've been looking alot into Vision.

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