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FRC Driver Station does not save or load config INI


This is something I posted in the Chief Delphi forums for FIRST but I'm not finding any answers. :/  So, I thought I'd post here on the NI site hoping maybe someone could offer some suggestions. I JUST updated to the newest version yesterday or the day before. The original post on Chief Delphi is here:


I am the lead software mentor for our FRC team. I've been a software engineer for years and am pretty well versed in Windows permissions.

I have several laptops our team is using. I was able to configure our driver station laptop so it automatically opens the new java dashboard.

We have also done this on one of the programmer's personal laptops and it works just fine.

I am trying to configure my laptop running Windows 10 (like the other 2 laptops) to use the new java dashboard and I am unable to do so because the FRC Driver Station app will not create the ds data storage.ini file in the C:\Users\Public\Documents\FRC folder.

My problem is exactly as described in this post ni
and I agree that it would appear to be a permissions issue however here is the situation:

I am the only user on the laptop and my account is a system admin.
I am running the app as Administrator
I have given everyone full permissions on the Public folder (and checked that the acls were propagated to the sub folders.)

I uninstalled all of the NI software and reinstalled it this morning thinking this might be the issue however, this didn't help at all. It still does the exact same thing. Whenever I start the driver station software, it loads goes to the default settings and when I close it, it does not create the ini file. :/

Any suggestions anyone has would be greatly appreciated. I would like to be able to help the team figure out how to communicate with the new java dashboard but I can't do anything on my laptop until I can get the driver station to save the config ini.

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