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FRC Driver Station Saying No Code Deployed

I have flashed, imaged and installed a JRE on the Robo Rio.  I am using Jave to progream the robot and have a simple text program done.  When I run it as a Java Robot deploy I get no errors but the FRC Driver station is saying no code on the RoboRio.  Power light is green, communication light red.  I have attempted deploying via ethernet and USB.   Can anyone help me with this issue?

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Is the comm light blinking red or solid red?

It could be possible that you have the wrong JRE installed? See this thread:

Or, maybe your code is erroring out? See this thread:

Are there any errors in the Driver Station?

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We got it figured out!  We had installed the correct version of JRE. and no errors in the Driver Station.  It boiled down to faulty code.  Thanks for taking the time to respond!  

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