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Error loading niimaqdx.dll

When we build a FRC 2016 project and while it is building the template code a dialog pops up saying

Error Loading "niimaqdx.dll".

A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed.

We have installed the FRC LabVIEW on a total of 11 computers

8 are in the science lab and exibit the problem

3 are the teams laptops and do not exibit the problem

  • The software on the lab computers were all installed using admin privilages.
  • The project creation was done with a students account which does not have admin privilages.
  • All these computer have FRC 2015 installed on them last year and evrything worked fine.
  • FRC 2016 was installed without uninstalling 2015
  • All vision related licences have been activated and reactivated.

I'm tring to figure out if this is a 8x bad install or a IT permission issue or something else.

Can anyone give me some guidance on this issue can you tell me what the function of this DLL is and was it in the 2015 install also?


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