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Error 63195 and 63192


We are having serious problems with some of our roboRIOs, but we cannot find any consistent behavior.

The error occurs randomly after the RIO is started and is resolved only after it is restarted (usually takes more than one try). 
The first error we get is error 63192 - open dynamic bitfile reference in
Then we get a lot of 63195 errors when trying to use elements that are connected to the roboRIO.

We tried pausing the but the error occurs before it starts (during the start communication VI).
From other posts we understand that it has to do with FPGA reference returning 0, and indeed this is what we see while probing this wire.
We also read that you can set the FPGA reference to a constant. What constant should we take and how? Doesn't the constant change when we connect the robot to the FMS system?
Can somebody help?
Is there a connection between the errors?

I attached screenshots of the errors.
We have a tournament in 3 days and we are getting really frustrated ... :-(

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