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Download FRC Software Here

2019 FRC Software

NI LabVIEW 2018 (for FRC 2019) Includes NI Vision, LabVIEW Real-Time Module, NI-RIO, and installation instructions

2019 FRC Update Suite (Coming Soon)  Required for all teams to compete; includes the FRC Driver Station powered by NI LabVIEW



Are you programming with last year's software to practice leading up to the season?

While we hope adding LabVIEW to the Virtual Kit of Parts will make things easier for teams by providing easy access to serial numbers and downloads anytime, we understand many teams will develop on the prior year's software to train new members during the fall.  For that task, teams will need to install the FRC 2018 software until the 2019 Update Suite is released during this year's game reveal.  That software is provided in the link below.


Download 2018 FRC Software


Still want to use a 4-slot or 8-slot cRIO? Install FRC 2014 Software?

The 4-slot and 8-slot cRIO controllers can no longer be used for FIRST competitions.  But you can still program these controllers for use in demo robots. You will need to use the NI Software for FRC 2014 installer and the FRC 2014 Update Suite (links below). You will also need the serial number from your FRC 2014 Kit of Parts to use this software.


Download the 2014 NI Software for FRC

Download the 2014 Update Suite

Member LVnuBee
We have retired 2 old competition bots to demo status, but they use cRIOs and need old software. We have LV13-FRC14 working on one, LV15-FRC16 on another, but want to run both on the latter, for Win10 compatibility (hopefully). So we need to reinstall LV15-FRC16 on more PCs (Win7 / Win10 perhaps). I'm unable to find the FRC 2016 Update Suite anywhere. There's a page found on with a link to it -- but link is dead. Don't need the LV15 software (got that from DVD) -- just the 2016 Update Suite.
Member LVnuBee
Re: missing download for FRC 2016 Update Suite NI page with dead link to the update: If my impression is correct that LV15-FRC16 is the oldest with Win10 compatibility AND ability to code for cRIOs, then others are likely to need this too.