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Difficulty reformatting RoboRIO

We have an older RoboRIO (2015). It is in safe mode (status light blinks 3 times), after tapping the reset button, it always returns to safe mode. We were able to update the firmware to 6.0.0f1, but when we try to apply the image we always see the attached message.



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Hello path67,


I recommend you try the following:

  1. Have the device in Safe Mode and connected by USB to your computer.
  2. Open NI Measurement and Automation Explorer (NI MAX)
    1. If you don't have NI MAX already, you can get it, along with the necessary RIO drivers, by downloading the latest CompactRIO Device Drivers.
  3. Go to Remote Devices and select the roboRIO
  4. Right click the device and select Format DiskScreen Shot 2019-02-03 at 9.32.44 PM.png


  5. Wait for the tool to format the device
  6. Open the roboRIO Imaging Tool and load the roboRIO image
  7. Wait for the tool to load the software to the roboRIO
  8. Try pressing the Reset button once (do not hold it)
  9. At this stage you should see the STATUS LED powered down after booting.
  10. If you still see the Safe Mode active, please reach out to our support team from 1 PM to 7 PM CST during the weekdays of the build season.




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