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Difficulty connecting a Windows 10 laptop to our roboRIO over wifi (OM5P-AN)

Short answer since I'm late:

I have 20+ years as a network admin. Fellow Mentor has similar experience. We spend 3 hours each fighting this EXACT problem.


Next meeting I brought in an $8 wifi dongle I had from Amazon and 3 minutes later we were talking. 

I bought the Kootek over the Edimax for reasons I forget now. But they are both highly regarded.

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The trick is to ignore mDNS. We set up a DHCP reservation on our OM5P to ensure that our Robrio will always be at the .2 address (in our case and then just set our Dashboards, build environment, etc. to use that. We don't have problems on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 -- we have various drive/development laptops running each of those OSes.

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The latest firmware update for the OM5P seems to help.  We have discovered, by accident, that we can now connect to our roborio via USB, establish a comm connection to the DS, connect the DS PC to the OM5P via wifi, and then remove the USB connection.  The comm connection dissappears, momentarily, when we remove the USB cable, but the DS quickly re-aquires a comm connection via wifi.

It's kind of like "buddy-breathing," off of the USB, for the wifi.

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The problem is mDNS, specifically the horrendous attempt at zero-conf that ships with Windows 10.

Install Apple's iTunes on your driver station.  Problem fixed!

We had the same issue with a Kangaroo mini-PC we are using for vision.  Windows 10 has DNS-DS, which is their broken and incomplete version of mDNS.  Installing iTunes will give you Bonjour, which is the de-facto reference implementation of mDNS.  It just works after that.

-- Len

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The iTunes fix was extremely helpful. However I have a new problem whenever we turn the robot off we have to restart the computer to establish communication. We never had this problem when we use our windows 7 computer. Is this a Windows10 problem? Can you help?




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