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Custom FPGA Code for roboRIO


is it possible to create and deploy custom FPGA code for roboRIO Hardware?

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At this point, the FPGA on the roboRIO isn't something you can target.  Without the ability to target the FPGA, you won't be able to deploy custom FPGA code to the roboRIO.  With FRC, all of the coding takes place in the RT portion of the roboRIO.

I'm curious.  What are you hoping to do with the FPGA?

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I want to implement CANOpen functions and setting the baudrate.

With the default Image this is not possible, right?

Will it be possible to target the FPGA in the future?

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That sounds a bit advanced for a FRC application.  Is this something you're trying to do to help a team learn about CANOpen or something you're doing external to FRC?

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The FPGA does not control the interface to the CAN bus. There is a hard CAN controller in the Zynq that we use for CAN. We could expose setting the baud rate in the FRC library... that's simple.  For CANOpen, you can just layer that on top of the basic CAN API.

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If you can expose these settings in the FRC library, this would be great.

When can I get it?

This is for a student Project, but not for the Robotics competition.

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