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Compact Rio Update Issue


There are a few issues:

1.  After updating the firmware with "nov1_usb10secfix_etc_dsud_pkg.bin", we find that the DS has to be power booted  to switch between autonomouns/teleoperated and between enable/disable.  Is this a new feature?  Is the firmware not installed correctly?  Is there a hardware issue?  It says that is has downloaded.

2.  We cannot connect to the cRIO.  We have updated the firmware on the Driver Station and it will not connect to the cRIO to update the system.  We do not know why.  THis is in conjuction with the above issue.  We have the ethernet cable connecting from the computer to DS port 1 (tried port 2 as well) and from DS ethernet port 1/2 to cRIO port 1.  Can someone help with this.  Thank you.

We have not been able to do our 2nd benchtop test yet.

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Grab the latest version of the documents from the FIRST website. They were updated this morning to help clarify some of the sections people were having trouble with.

It sounds you have set the team number on the DS already. This is contrary to the order in section 1.6.5 (upgrade DS, upgrade cRIO, then change team number on the DS).

For the imaging problem, have you set the IP address on the computer per section You could also try directly connecting to the cRIO from the laptop with the orange crossover cable. If you have a wireless card in your laptop, try disabling it temporarily.

For the DS changing modes, are you saying it doesn't change on the LCD screen until you cycle power, or the robot doesn't see the change until you cycle the DS power? If it is the latter, don't worry about it until after you have imaged the cRIO.

As the DS doesn't have anything to do with NI, in the future these types of questions are probably better asked at the FIRST control system forums at

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The issue was with the team number.  I guess one of my students got over zealous and changed that before they had finished the updates.  It has since found the cRIO and the DS is working properly again.  However, I have not verified the installation yet - our tech people don't like us mession with our IP addresses on our laptops.  Since its a subnet mask issue, I imagine I just have to make sure the computer's IP address syncs up with the cRIO and it will work fine.  Thanks for you help.

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