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hi, i have a problem, i need to update le crio image, but when  the program start to uptade the image, it say that is imposible because the crio isnt in the same subnet

can you help me??

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Hi Luis,

Quick note on subnets: to get your computer on the same subnet as another device, the first 3 numbers in the IP address of each device need to match.

Let's say your team number is 1234. The IP addresses of your computer and cRIO should be:



The Driver Station software will automatically set your IP based on this convention if you enter your team number. But you can also manually set your computer's IP address to the correct address. This is described in the FRC Getting Started Guide, page 16.


Zach P

Zach P.

Staff Software Engineer | LabVIEW R&D | National Instruments
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thaks but i have correct that part, mi team is the 3527 mi ip adress is and de crio adress is de

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How are you connected to the cRIO physically? Try direct connecting and connecting through a switch/router.

If you still have problems, you might want to try:

1. Disabling any firewalls and antivirus programs

2. Changing your computer IP address to match the subnet of the cRIO when it shows up in the Imaging tool

3. Make sure you dont have a Gateway or DNS Server defined on the PC or RIO (these should be blank or

Follow this guide to eliminate most networking problems. If you still have issues, you can call FRC support at 866-511-6285, Mon-Fri 1-7 PM Central.

Zach P.

Staff Software Engineer | LabVIEW R&D | National Instruments
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